Sunday, November 13, 2011

James and The Giant Peach By Roald Dahl

James and The Giant Peach is a children fantasy novel by British Author Roald Dahl.The book was published by in 1961.

The Story is about a boy; called James who loses his parents in the beginning of the novel, he is forced to live with his horrible aunties.Spiker and Sponge are ugly, cruel, selfish and greedy woman.They both treat James like nothing and abuse him all the time.One Summer Afternoon, James are crying in the bushes suddenly mysteriously, a little old man appeared and gave James a bag of tiny crocodile tongue and ask him to mix it with 10 hairs from his head and water. On his way home,James drop the bag near a tree; which never gave fruits and suddenly the tree became enchanted and blossom.A peach grew in size and became very large in size; a very huge one. The Greedy Aunties planned to get moneys from this.But The Giant Peach is waiting for James to enter in it.When James enter in the Giant Peach.He goes through a enchanted journey.

How  will James get ride of his evil aunties and What Happened in the Giant Peach With James?

Read This Fantasy Book and Find Answers Of Your Question!

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Mystery Of The Agnee Ruby

The Mystery of the Agnee Ruby is a mystery and thriller genre novel by Maha Khan Phillips.

The Story is about twins brother, Taimur and Saif. Aunt Jum Jum arrives at their house with a strange little girl Amina.Saif and Taimur are asked to visit Kohistan House in Naran to give company to Amina who have lost her parents. Saif,Taimur and her mother visit Kohistan House with Aunt Jum Jum and Amina. Saif and Taimur are thrilled to go there as they think that there is a ghost in Kohistan House and they will hunt for it.But reaching in Kohistan House and spending time there, the matter is something else.Amina tells them her sad story how she lost her parents, and ghost of killed them.As time passes the twins get to know that its not a ghost but a human being who have killed Amina's parent for a Ruby(Agnee Ruby).Uncle Henry(uncle of Amina) is suspecting for the murderer of Amina's parents but Amina have full faith on her uncle. The search for the real criminal lead them to a fun and a thrilling mystery.Who is the real criminal, what really the criminal wants?

To Know answer to your question~ Read The Mystery Of The Agnee Ruby.
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Nicobobinus-By Terry Jones

"This is a very good book with amazing adventures in it, when I started reading it I got lost in it. Just loved it." By Qasim Hafeez

Nicobobinus is wrote by one of the famous author Terry Jones.The book is based on a fantasy event/story happened to a boy. The book have also won a award for Children Book Awards.

The story is about a boy Nicobobinus and his friend Rosie who go to search for a dragon who can heal the golden hand of Nicobobinus, actually a man made of all gold have turned Nicobobinus's hand to a gold one when Nicobobinus landed to his castle by mistake. Now Rosie and Nicobobinus go on a search for the dragon in the Land of Dragons,he exprience many adventure while their journey and come to know about many sad storys. Will Nicobobinus be able to save the dragon who can heal his golden hand by the selfish citizen who have made the dragon their prison for their purpose? Will the fight between the human and dragons come to an end , Will the dragons help Nicobobinus?
To know answers to your questions read the award winning book Nicobobinus by Terry Jones.Grab the book from your library and the book store!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Valley Of Fear

The Valley of Fear is a mystery novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and was the last of the four Sherlock Holmes novels written by the author. It was first published in serial form in the Strand Magazine from September 1914 to May 1915.
At the outset of the novel Sherlock Holmes receives a message from Porlock, an agent to Professor Moriarty. Porlock occasionally sends Holmes insider information.

Moriarty is blameless in the eyes of the law but Holmes knows him to be "the controlling brain of the underworld." Together Holmes and Watson decipher Porlock's message as indicating that a man named Douglas residing at Birlstone is in danger.
Inspector MacDonald of Scotland Yard calls upon Holmes to ask for his help and informs him that Mr Douglas of Birlstone Manor House has been murdered that morning. Holmes tells MacDonald that since he received an alert from Porlock it is probable that Professor Moriarty's influence exists in the matter.

e matter.
MacDonald reminds Holmes that the professor is an educated and well respected man. Holmes informs MacDonald that although the Professor's salary is seven hundred pounds a year he owns a painting worth over forty thousand pounds and the Inspector agrees that this is suspicious.
Holmes, Watson and MacDonald travel to Birlstone village in Sussex. John Douglas was murdered at around midnight and had been shot in the head. The house is an old manor with a moat and drawbridge. A man name Cecil Barker was staying at the house on the night the murder took place and was a regular guest of Mr and Mrs Douglas.
A sawn off shotgun was found at the scene. It appeared to have been fired at close range which caused the head to have been completely blown to pieces.
Cecil Barker claims that he was upstairs in his room when he heard the shot and rushed downstairs. The drawbridge was up at this time and Cecil claims that he lowered it in order to admit help. There is a mark of blood upon the window sill where someone seems to have entered. Cecil says that he thinks the intruder got away by wading through the moat but has no explanation for how the assailant entered the house in the first place unless he entered before that time and waited in the house.
A card lays beside the body with the initials V.V scrawled in ink upon it. A small branded mark is seen on the man's arm but it has not been made recently. Douglas' wedding ring appears to have been taken from his hand which seems indicative since no others rings were taken.

Read This Novel to know the Connection between the two era and What lead to Douglas Murder?

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Midnight Library:Blind Witness

Blind Witness is the 12th novel from the book Midnight Library by Nick Shadow. It is a horror novel published on August 16, 2007 by Hodder Children's Books.
In this volume, the story , a boy Liam loses his sight in a class accident. He thinks this is the worst that could happen to him. But This is not so, he start dreaming unusual things and seeing things which are not visible to others. They visit to a museum(wax), there something unusual and strange things happening. How will Liam come accross this?

Read Blind Witness from your library to know about the horror and mystery.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Review: Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock

Review: Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock

Nancy Drew:Secret of the Old Clock is the first Volume in Nancy Drew Mysterious Stories Series. The Book is written by famous author Carolyn Keene. It was published in April 1930. The Story focus on a young detective who is keen to solve a case based Mysterious Old Clock. 

 Nancy Drew is a eighteen-year-old recent high school graduate, and her father, Carson Drew, is well-known criminal defense lawyer. She appears in the all series of Nancy Drew Adventure and Mysteries Stories.


Nancy Drew decides to help Turner Sisters who is poor, they were promised to get a good amount by their distant relative Mr.Crowley but all the amount is left to The Topams family(who actually Mr.Crowley never liked). Nancy Drew visit other relatives of Mr.Crowley and get to know that they were also promised to get a good amount of money by Mr.Crowley after his death. Nancy Drew decide to spent some time with Topams to solve the mystery, there she gets to know about Mr.Crowley Old Clock.She suspects that there might be something hidden in that clock.

Read Nancy Drew:Secret of Old Clock to know how Nancy solve this mystery. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Eid Holidays!

I enjoyed my eid this year as I had visit to my village on this Eid. I had alot of fun there, I played and enjoyed with my cousins and even got many Eiddy..Ehh.. Well most important thing. The weather there was very pleasant and beautiful.
I visited to  many places in my village,like forests trip, picnic etc. It was a lot of fun there. I had a good stay in the village for 5 days.Yeah! I loved the holidays!

I just loved it. Looking forward to spend Eiddies or give them to mom!